Body Flow – chakra sounds & chakra vocals (CD)

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”BODY FLOW” er en afbalancering af chakraerne, og består af i alt 16 tracks

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”BODY FLOW” er en afbalancering af chakraerne, og består af i alt 16 tracks.

1. del består af vokaler til de syv grund chakraer og med en ottende som afbalancerer alle syv grund chakraer.

2. del består af kombinationer af lyde/frekvenser, som afbalancerer hvert af de syv grund chakraer.

“Body Flow” er skabt i samarbejde med Karin Jensen fra Vejle



Body Flow is designed to adjust and recreate balance in each individual chakra with both voice and sounds from acoustic instruments which are rich in overtones. It is a combination of the fundamental tone, the overtones and the interference which all occur in the individual singing bowl, and which have a balancing effect on the respective chakra.

All tracks have been created in collaboration with therapist Karin Jensen, Vejle, Denmark. We have both been trained by Australian sound therapist Cameron Dawson in 2000 – 2002. The 16 tracks have been developed, tested and refined for an extended period of time in order to optimize the desired effect.

Body Flow was recorded in my home studio and compiled and edited on the small Danish island of Samsø. The nature and tranquility of this fertile island became a deep wellspring of inspiration in composing the album.

Body Flow is the third album in the Sounds4Balance Series.